What Is SEO?

Glad you asked!
Here’s the gist of it.

Industry research.

Preparation is everything. First off, we’ll thoroughly research your current page and decide on the most relevant keywords that are going to get you the best results. Then we take a peek at what your competitors are doing, whether right or wrong, so we can figure out a strategy to outperform them. Our satellite network and phone hacking skills come in handy...

Content creation.

Your existing content might read ok, but it doesn’t have the Search It Local touch. It’s not just about writing error-free, grammatically-correct copy, it’s about crafting a persuasive yet subtle sales pitch about your products or services. We’ll also ensure it’s optimised for SEO. From seamlessly inserting relevant keywords, to refining images, text and business information, we ensure it’s displayed in a way search engines will rate highly.

External content.

Once your campaign is starting to see some exposure we’ll set about trying to improve your authority on the internet and as a brand in general. We can create citations around the web that act as a sort of ‘vote’ for your business online. Google loves links to your website, and we can link these citations back to you and help boost your presence on search engines. Great articles and blog posts also stand a good chance of being shared, and cementing your reputation as an industry leader.


Keeping you in the loop is essential. You don’t need to know every little detail, but we’ll condense the most important bits and relay them back to you. How many people have been finding you? Who's clicking through to your site? How many calls you’ve had? The list goes on. Your account manager will explain things in terms you’ll understand - no need to know that internet lingo!

You in the top position.

SEO is an ongoing process. Google never sleeps, and neither do we. Well, not much… We aim to get you to the top of Google, and keep you there. Whether it’s content, web design, AdWords or some other form of organic search engine optimisation, we’ll figure out the best strategy for both short and long-term success. We’ll show you where you’re appearing, and how we got you there.


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