What Is Google Analytics?

You’ve got the website, your content is strong and your business has found its niche online. Now it’s time to crunch those numbers to really get ahead.

What is Google Analytics

? Google Analytics is an integral part of a successful online marketing campaign. The data provided through this detailed analytics tool will help to improve your website’s content, elevate user experience, and increase your conversions. Search It Local bring the figures to ensure your business delivers.

Let’s Help People Find You

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Free website traffic analysis.

Is Google Analytics free? Absolutely. But it takes a professional touch to get the most out of this valuable tool. In short, Google Analytics is a free analytics tool, offered by the good folks at Google, that provides detailed insights into how users find and use your website. We’ll use this information to ensure your online marketing strategy is focused where it should be.

Safe and secure.

There’s no need to worry about installing Google Analytics on your website. Offering a comprehensive website traffic report, the Google Analytics tool is currently installed on over 10 million websites, and is an integral part of any successful online marketing campaign. It’s free, reliable and a treasure trove of data. How good is that?

We do the work. You reap the benefits.

Our analytics team love a good statistic. You won’t have to do a thing. Sit back while we install tracking data on your site to act as a website traffic checker. We’ll tell you who’s viewing your site, how long they stayed, what city they’re from, and what pages they’re spending the most time on

You’re always in the web analytics loop.

Knowledge is power. So get ready for both. We’ll compile helpful, easy-to-understand reports to keep you in the loop. With a complete overview of your website activity, we’ll have the perfect launching pad to target the users who are most likely to turn into customers.

Here’s what you’ll learn. Part I.

Ready to be blown away? Our Google Analytic experts will use your website traffic report to tell you which of your online campaigns is bringing the most traffic and the most conversions. We’ll tell you what country and city your users are from. We’ll tell you what pages they are drawn to and for how long.

Here’s what you’ll learn. Part II.

We’ll tell you what search engine brought them to you and what device they used to find you. We’ll tell you the exact locations on your site your users are clicking and browsing. We’ll tell you how fast your pages load. We’ll even track their behaviour flow to see how they navigate throughout your site.

What is Google Analytics? It’s how you kick goals.

Using the mountains of data we’ll mine on your behalf, our Google Analytics experts work with you to set realistic goals for your business. Tracking purchases, adding to your email subscription list, requesting a contact form. What is Google Analytics? It sets up the goalposts for your business to score.

Problem solving power.

We’re Sherlock Holmes and Google Analytics is Watson. Together we’ll identify the pages of your website that aren’t converting and improve them with organic SEO and Google Adwords if required. And we’ll put the Search It Local touch on your high performing pages to ensure they keep business rolling in.

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