Websites FAQ

Our spirit animal? The spider. We’re that good with the web. Spin on to find out more.
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What sort of websites can you make?

We have two website packages available.

One page websites – Our one-page websites are optimised for mobile and super easy to use. We take all your most juicy information, the stuff your customers want to see, and cap it all off with an unmissable call to action. Super simple.

Professional websites – Our web design team are in the business of creating beautiful websites that run smooth, are feature packed and that work seamlessly across any device. They can code the site of your dreams while our crack team of copywriters work on the words. The end result? A professional site that works anywhere and that sounds as good as it looks.

Why do you use WordPress to build the websites?

WordPress websites offer exceptional customisation, they’re easy to navigate, and they’re easily crawled and indexed by Google. More than that, WordPress integrates your website and blog into one, making it easy for visitors to access your services and be part of the conversation. Put simply, it’s the best way to showcase your business and set yourself up for success.

Will it work on mobile?

Mobile responsiveness is now a part of Google’s ranking algorithm, so our websites are designed and developed to work on all devices. Wherever your customers are searching for you, we’ll make sure you can be found boldly and brilliantly.

Can I choose my own designs?

We’ll provide you with examples of our finest work and you tell us what you like. We want to know how you picture your own website, and we’ll begin the process of bringing it to life for you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to leave those decisions up to our talented web designing team, we’ll be able to take charge and build something you’ll be proud of.

How many changes am I allowed to make?

Our website packages include one round of edits. With your business acumen and our web designing prowess we think that’s all it takes to perfect your website. With our heads together we’ll have the finished product up and running and ready to ‘WOW’ your customers in no time.

Am I allowed to make changes to the website after it's gone live?

Of course, it’s your site! Having said that there is a fee for web modifications following your initial edits. But we’re always just a phone call away and can spring into action to tweak your website any time you like.

Do you provide copywriting for my website?

Absolutely. If we didn’t give our copywriters work to do they’d get started on those romance novels they’ve always wanted to write (and no one needs to see those). Our copywriters work across our entire range of website packages, so you’ll never be without the professional touch.

How long does it take to build and design a website?

This depends on the type of website you’ve purchased.

One page website – 2 weeks from the start of web development.

Professional website – 4 weeks from the start of web development.

Can I see some examples of your work?

We love to show off our work. With so many satisfied clients enjoying their new and modified websites, there’s plenty of examples for you to enjoy. Check out our website portfolio here.

Can I sell things on my website?

We build e-commerce sites designed to showcase online products and services. So if you’d like to commercialise your website, we can help.

Can you design my logo?

Our artistic director is at the helm of a team who love scribbling (you should see the bathroom walls). They’ve created stunning branded logos for many of our clients and can work with your existing logo, or create a completely new logo for your business from scratch. There is a fee for logo creation, but it’s a small price to pay for a slice of creative genius.