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website audit

is a comprehensive evaluation of your site. The first step in successful search engine optimisation.

An SEO test is the foundation of a dynamic and effective search engine marketing campaign. Our experts identify what’s holding your site back from achieving a higher listing. We’ll identify the technical limitations, content concerns and small details that stand in your way. Then we’ll implement the changes you need to see powerful SEO results. Are you ready for a change? It’s makeover time with Search It Local.

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Comprehensive SEO analysis.

Long gone are the days when keywords dictated search engine results. Google now takes into account user experience. So if your visitors are struggling to navigate your site, or the loading time is slow, you’ll struggle to see SEO results. That’s where we step in.

It’s the little things that count.

We’ll let loose our SEO audit team on your site, hunting the little things that may be derailing your SEO results. All they need is a scent and they’ll sniff out every little detail that’s been holding you back. You might be surprised at the results. From technical errors to poor grammar, our website audit checklist identifies the little things to make a big difference.

It’s also the big things that count.

Content is king. While not the single ranking factor, having original, engaging and keyword friendly content that satisfies user demand is a core part of successful SEO. Every SEO site audit takes into account your entire website’s content. If it isn’t satisfying the needs of a winning SEO game plan, our website audit service will call a timeout, whip it into shape, and put you back on track for success.

Expert website audit changes.

From poorly written meta descriptions to incorrectly optimised page titles and unruly URL’s, no stone is left unturned with your on site audit showing us exactly what changes need to be made. Then it’s over to our copywriters and web designers who have been waiting for their turn to unleash their creative magic on your site.

Going mobile.

With more and more searches coming from mobile devices, Google now incorporates the mobile responsiveness of a website into it’s ranking algorithm. Our SEO check will delve into the responsiveness of your site. If it needs a little work, our web development team are ready to help you go mobile.

Find the holes. Patch them up.

There’s a chance we’ll come to you with a website audit example of bad news. Which is good news! If your site hasn’t been ranking, there are reasons why. Our crack website audit squad will find out exactly why so we can work on making the necessary changes to get you back on top.

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