What's REALLY Going On In Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Teams To Grow Like Crazy

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Build A System To Support Your Marketing And Create A Customer ATM

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If you would like to stop jumping from one failing marketing strategy to another and instead follow a proven roadmap that helped 64 Aussie businesses build a customer ATM machine, then this post will show you how.

Let me tell you a story about Keren…

Keren’s a healthcare consultant who was inherently very shy, scared of putting herself out there, and marketing was something she frankly never wanted to do. But after struggling to get customers year after year, she knew she didn’t want things to stay this way forever…Keren was ready to step up and try something different.

Like most business owners, Keren tried marketing in the past and experienced little to no results.

She felt like she was throwing her money into the wind and watching corporate vultures devour every cent of it.

But one little change to her approach to marketing allowed her to build a customer ATM that spits out hundreds of leads and dozens of new customers – month after month.

Here’s what her calendar looks like now:

This is what Keren did…

Instead of jumping between countless marketing tactics like SEO, advertising, blogging, youtubing, or any of that stuff…

She chose one single marketing tactic and built an entire system around it to give it support. The actual marketing tactic being used was just one component in an entire machine. You see, a business is just like an ATM. The marketing tactic is where you put in your card. But there are countless mechanisms inside the machine that must tick in order to spit out $100 dollar bills. If you only have a place to insert your card and none of the other mechanisms in place, it’s no wonder that money is going in but not coming out.

Just like Keren, if you build a system to support your marketing, you can:

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