Get High Rankings On Google With One Simple Trick!

Do you want to know the secret behind increasing your rankings?

It’s not keyword optimisation, it’s not content, and it’s not backlinks.

It’s internal linking.

Showing Google that your page is valuable, and worthy of high rankings, is the secret to success.

So, how do you do this?

It’s easy.

Step One.

Choose which page you want to rank. Let’s say “digital advertising”. Every time you write a blog post about digital advertising, link it to your main digital advertising page.

Next, add links within your sidebar.

Putting your chosen page in the sidebar makes it visible from every page of your website.

With so many internal links directed to that page, you’re saying to Google, “Hey, I really value this page. It’s important. I think you should value it too.”

Step Two. Don’t always link to your page using exact keywords, in this case “digital advertising”. By avoiding the repetition of this anchor text, you’ll actually find your rankings rising faster.

Follow these two simple steps and use your internal linking strategy to rank higher on Google.

See you at the top!