SEO Copywriting: 171,467 Ways To Make Your Business Successful

SEO copywriting the complete guide to writing for your business online

I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot of ways to make a business successful.

That’s almost as many ways as there are Marvel movies.

But I’m no Spiderman (even if I do expertly work with the web).

I’m just Alex, your friendly neighbourhood word slinger, coming to you with a message.

” If your website isn’t ranking on Google, customers will never find you. And no matter how fantastic your products or services are, if people do arrive to a website that’s poorly written, full of grammatical errors, and missing words, they’ll leave and never come back.”

All of that sounds scary, right? If you don’t have stellar SEO copywriting, you’ll miss out on leads and lose the customers you have.

But there is hope!

In fact, there’s one simple way to ensure your website is visible at the top of Google and that your visitors stick around. And I’m here to let you in on that secret.

It’s the secret behind successful SEO copywriting.

The secret to a successful website.

171,476 secrets to be precise.

But before we get there, let’s dive into an analogy.

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new house. You’ve got money to spend, and you’ve heard about the perfect property. You’re just waiting to see it before you’ll put down a deposit quicker than you can say “house prices in developed countries are well above historical averages and Australia has the third highest house price-to-income ratio in the world”.

But when you arrive, it’s a house of horrors. The front yard is overgrown, the veranda is rotten and it looks like a family of bats has moved in.

You take your money off the table and leave.

Copywriting For SEO - Tips and Guides House

I know what you’re saying, “Alex, what a fantastic story, you really do paint a vivid picture”. And to that I say thank you, but that’s not what I’m going for.

Your website is the house.

Regardless of your intentions, if your website SEO copywriting lacks quality, your customers will associate that same lack of quality with your products and services.

Have you ever heard the expression ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’? Well people do judge books by their cover. All the time.

Let’s come at this problem from another angle.

59 seconds.

That’s how long most users stick around a website. If you haven’t captured their attention in less than a minute, you’ve lost them. And that’s not even the worst part. If they came to you looking to spend money on the products and services you offer, chances are you’ve lost them to a competitor.

So now we know you’ve got less than a minute to stand out. Having a stunning website that’s visually appealing is a great start. But it’s not enough. At some point within that crucial first minute, your customers are going to dive into your content.

They’ll want to know who you are. Where you’ve come from. What vision you have for your business. What qualities are associated with your products. And why you’re deserving of their money. And these are just a select few of the things your potential customers need to know inside of a minute.

Be honest, if a visitor to your website had just 59 seconds, would your SEO copywriting convince them to stay?

Feeling a little nervous at the answer to that question?

worrying about SEO on your Website

Hold on though. Wipe the sweat from your brow and get ready to have your mind blown. There is hope. And it’s easier to change your fortunes than you think.

Because that hope comes from those 171,476 reasons I mentioned.

Are you ready to learn what that number means for your business?

That’s how many words exist in the English language.

All it takes to stop a curious click from quickly exiting your website, is a mixture of words so compelling and magnetic it’s impossible for your visitors to leave. Words so expertly written and meticulously planned that they draw in customers like moths to a flame. Words that propel your website to the top of Google’s search results.

Your customers know what they want. You know what your business is capable of doing. Language bridges the gap by connecting you with new customers and increasing your visibility by moving you up search engine listings.

Demand, meet supply.

‘What a fantastic insight Alex, can I write my own copy?’

Of course! You’re a strong, confident individual. You tell hilarious stories and you cook a mean stir-fry. You can do anything you put your mind to.

That’s the beauty of language. It’s a shared experience. There’s nothing stopping you from putting pen to digital paper and crafting a piece of prose that’s lovingly devoted to your business.

But here’s the catch.

Anyone can write. But not anyone can be a writer.


Think of examples of SEO copywriting that stand out to you. A favourite website, advertising campaign, or online article. The common denomination? Professional SEO copywriting.

The most successful businesses in the world have realised that they know a lot about their products and services. They know what works and what doesn’t. They know exactly who their audience is.

They also know that to speak to that audience, they need professional SEO copywriting help.

By bringing on the services of professional wordsmiths, they ensure their business has a universal voice, style and tone. The result? Customers are drawn in, enticed by the magnetic pull of words arranged so subtly you’d never notice just how powerful they are. Speaking openly, honestly and effectively. And best of all, meticulously designed to sell.

Before we get into how the right choice of words can send you to the top of Google though, let’s break down a few of the most important ways a professional SEO copywriter can help bring you more work through transforming the content of your website.

#1 – They know how to speak conversationally.

It’s an irony of SEO copywriting that professional SEO copywriters must have a complete grasp of the English language. And at the same time, the ability to write in a way that is simple and direct. Because customers don’t want to feel like they are being sold to. They want to be a part of your journey and story, not the disposable end result.

A professional SEO copywriter speaks conversationally to your audience. They know what your customers like, and how to interact with them. No tacky sales pitch. Just a direct link between their purchasing desires, and your services.

#2 – They’re headline hunters, forever chasing the perfect attention grabbing opener.

First impressions count. With so much competition online, you’ve got to grab your customers by the scruff of the neck, give them no choice but to find out more. The best way to do that? Expertly written, extensively researched and highly targeted headlines.

‘171,476 ways to make your business successful’. It’s an attention grabber. It piques curiosity. It demands to be read. It’s what SEO copywriters do.

#3 – They’re persuasion machines. Convincing and compelling customers to take action.

The subtle difference between the benefits and features of your products, that’s where SEO copywriters live. It’s easy to describe what your products do. But when SEO copywriters connect with your customers over the benefits of using your products and services, they’re far more likely to be convinced to take the next step.

The goal of SEO copywriting isn’t to trick customers, it’s exactly the opposite.

Through compelling language that’s creative, engaging, original, and written to speak directly to your website visitors, SEO copywriting makes obvious the benefits of your products and services. This leaves no doubt as to whether your customers should spend their hard earned money on you. (Hint: they absolutely should).

But, like all good superhero movies, we’ve reached an important juncture in our blog post’s story arc.

The moral of the story so far? SEO copywriting is vital if you want your website to stand out and attract the right type of attention. The combination of attracting new visitors, and engaging with your current customers, works towards building your brand, developing your authority and trustworthiness, and helping your business grow.

Creating websites that are impossible to ignore is the superpower of SEO copywriters. It’s a discipline that takes years to develop. The ability to write to sell through persuasion of the written word alone is one that takes time, patience and skill.

But bringing on an SEO copywriter to work with your website, as a low cost investment, can create a return on investment that is out of this world.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and communicate to your customers in a way that will compel them to keep coming back, it only takes a professional SEO copywriter working with the right choice of words. Your website can go from zero to hero with the same right choice of words.

To be specific, the right choice of 171,467 words.

So, let’s recap what we’ve learnt so far.

  • Having professionally written SEO copywriting on your website can transform your brand and add a layer of quality and authenticity, helping your business grow.
  • And, Australian house prices are too high.

Those are two solid takeaways right there. But at Search It Local we’re about going the extra mile. We don’t want you to leave today with a vague idea of how the right mixture of words can benefit your business. We want you to leave as experts. We want your head to be so full of hints, tips and tricks that it pushes out things you’ve known your whole life. Be careful, because you might forget your home address with how much value we’re about to cram into your head. But you won’t even mind. You’ll happily circle the block looking for your address, safe in the knowledge you have the competitive edge over your rivals because YOU know the secrets of success.

We’ll give you a minute to write down anything you absolutely have to remember. Then it’s right into the good stuff.

Man Stressed In Car SEO

“I don’t know where I live but I know so much about SEO!”

Ready? Let’s go.

We’ve touched on what a professionally written website will do for your business. How the professional touch can generate new leads and attract new visitors by expertly sharing your story, your products, and why you’re a better choice than your competition.

But here’s the catch. It’s no good having the world’s most wonderfully written website if no one sees it.

That’d be like Superman walking to work when he has the ability to fly. It’s an opportunity wasted.

And that’s where the power of those 171,467 words really comes in.

When written properly, words do more than attract and hold the attention of curious customers looking to spend money on your products and services.

The right words also attract the attention of search engines like Google. And that’s a very big deal

Did you know that the highest ranked website on any given search receives around 33% of traffic? Let’s say you ranked number one for any given keyword, say ‘Superhero Costumes’. If 1000 people searched for ‘Superhero Costumes’ each day, you would receive over 300 visits to your website. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We’ve crunched the numbers and there’s just no way around it. That’s a position that can make or break a business.

And to get to the top of Google?

It only takes the right mixture of those 171,467 words. Put together correctly, they’ll send you to the top. That’s the power of SEO. It’s what we do. And it’s what’s going to make your business more successful.


So, how does SEO work?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. More than a fantastic string of scrabble letters, it’s a measurable process of achieving rankings in search engine results. It’s an organic process, meaning you don’t pay to get to the top, though this can be achieved through Google AdWords, and if you’re the type who wants to take over the world instantly, we can get you there without the wait.

SEO is the process of sending signals to search engines, like Google, that your website is worth showing in their index of websites. And as we touched on above, if you’ve convinced Google you’re worthy of ranking at the top, you can expect some serious traffic coming your way.

The most effective SEO techniques rely on a combination of factors that are powerful on their own, but unstoppable when brought together.

There are over 200 of these SEO ranking factors in total, though Google likes to keep their cards close to their chest and won’t divulge any official list.

However, there are three that are considered to be the strongest SEO ranking factors. The heroes of your site, if you want your website to move up the search engine listings, these have to be taken care of.

• Quality Content.     

• Trusted backlinks.  

• Technical Capability.

Think of these combined factors as the Avengers of SEO. Strong on their own. Unstoppable as a team.

Avengers SEO
“Forget saving the world. We have to save this business from their terrible search engine results”

When looking at those three SEO factors – quality content, trusted backlinks and technical specifications, one thing becomes clear. Any company can optimise your website and build a network of trusted backlinks. Those technical aspects are taught in books. They follow the rules.

So, two out of three vital SEO ranking factors are yours, anytime you want them.

But the third one. Quality content. That’s the enigma.

Because there’s no quick fix to creating quality content that stands out while adhering to Google’s SEO ranking algorithms. Crafting content that jumps off the page isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

Ever heard the saying ‘Content is King’? Well it’s spot on. In the SEO world content is everything.


User experience is Google’s number one priority. They want their users to find the information and products that they’re after. So it’s in Google’s best interests to put the most valuable and helpful websites front and centre for users to explore.

There’s a lot that goes into creating high quality content that stands out from the crowd. Though the basic end goal remains the same – Google will recognise and reward content that helps search engine users find the information they were looking for.

That means you could have the world’s most advanced website, with quality backlinks pouring in from around the globe, but without quality content that solves the problems of search engine users, you won’t be successful in moving up Google’s search results page.

Let’s hit the button on an overused superhero cliche – time travel!

SEO Copywriting Time Travel Button

The year is 2011.

Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is top of the charts. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is reigning supreme at the global box office. Prince William and Kate have just married. It’s a simpler time.

Back then, Google’s ranking algorithms valued backlinks. They loved backlinks as much as Superheroes love wearing lycra. But digital villains quickly realised that a network of spammy backlinks was all that was required to send poor websites to the top of Google. It wasn’t uncommon to see hordes of backlinks, in some cases up to a million, to ensure the prime real estate at the #1 Google search result was captured.

Then, Google’s algorithm updates hit.

Their algorithm updates, known as Panda, in 2011 and Penguin, in 2012, changed everything.

Websites that were propelled to the top with spammy backlinks fell from their lofty perches at the top of search engine listings. In their place, Google prioritised websites that brought valuable and useful content to the table. To rank on the first page and capture all that juicy website traffic now took something more than cheap parlour tricks and technical smoke and mirrors.

As we streak back to 2020, Google now requires a website to catch the attention of users, but more than that, websites must be able to hold it. To be able to grip visitors, engaging them at every turn and compelling them to interact with your site, is the goal. By monitoring how users engage with your website, Google gets a snapshot of your worthiness to rank on the first page. The time spent on your page before leaving (known as a bounce rate), the time spent on your site, and the depth at which your visitors explored your pages all contributes to Google’s current SEO ranking algorithm.

And how do you keep visitors on your site? How do you convince them to move from page to page? How do you convince them to respond to your call-to-actions?

Well the answer to that brings us full circle, right back to SEO copywriting.

Through brilliant SEO copywriting that is valuable, relevant, useful and entertaining, you show Google that people want to engage with your website. The language a professional SEO copywriter uses to give your visitors no choice but to explore your website, also gives Google no choice but to see you as an authority.

That means a climb up the search engine rankings. That means more website traffic. And that means more leads, more customers and more business.

We’re back in 2020 and you’re the hero

We’ve been on a journey today. We’ve jumped through time, lent on superhero stereotypes, and dived deep into the world of SEO copywriting to show you how important it is to make the most of the words you use on your website.

No matter what products or services you offer, the services of a professional SEO copywriter can make the difference between an average website, and a super website.

If you want to grow your business by attracting new customers and generating new leads, you simply have to be visible. That happens when you maximise your SEO efforts to move up search engine listings.

Once you’re visible and climbing the search engine listings, that same professional approach to your SEO copywriting will ensure your new audience is hooked. The more your audience is hooked and engages with your website, the more you’ll climb up the search engine listings.

It’s the circle of SEO life.

And if you’re interested, we can help add the professional SEO copywriting touch to your website.

But, like all great superhero stories, there has to be an end. You’re ready to go out into the world and grow your business with the SEO copywriting tips and tricks you’ve learnt. But remember, with great SEO power comes great responsibility. Treat your website well by only using the highest quality copywriting across your brand, and you’ll soon see the results.