Quick Alternative Keyword Research Techniques 2021

quick alternative keyword research techniques

As more competitors start SEO campaigns, it’s time to learn the newest tactics for keyword research!

It’s no secret that keyword research is the most critical part of any search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. At Search It Local, we know that you can’t reroute the direction for your website advertising when the map you’re using is upside down. And of the wrong city. And it’s just a dirty napkin.

With so many competitors now dependent on using Google Keyword Planner (GKP), the same unsophisticated and obsolete keywords are being given out to all of your competitors. The result can leave your website content lost in the bumper-to-bumper pile up, and going nowhere, alongside everyone else.

Lucky, then, that the good folks in our Search It Local office know all the ultimate backstreet shortcuts. Used correctly, these four tips will help you find high volume and profitable keywords, give you the competitive edge and help customers to arrive at your solutions, first!

Trawl the online forums

Popular online forums such as reddit and Quora, are platforms entirely devoted to facilitating the discussion of people with shared interests in niche communities. What an untapped gold mine! Reading through these forums can unveil new key words and phrases that your customers are using, in real time! With this tactic, you can be the first to answer the questions of potential customers in the content of your website.


Another community based website, the content on each page of Wikipedia has been curated by hundreds or thousands of ‘experts’ (we use that term loosely). Using some basic phrases generated by GKP, you can search the minds of all those contributing to Wikipedia and discover new keywords from the content subheadings in each page. It’s like a roadmap of shortcuts!

“Searches related to…” on Google

If you google one of your basic GKP keywords, and scroll right down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find the “searches related to…” section. This untapped tool produces more relevant and thematic keywords in Google. Hot tip: you can also check out the top searches that appear as auto fill options while typing in the start of a phrase on Google (or even Youtube).


To take your keyword game to an entirely new level, try searching Amazon.com with a basic GKP keyword. When you’ve found the most popular book in that search, click on ‘take a look inside’ to get a sneak peek of the table of contents. This page is basically a dictionary of bestseller, high profile keywords, so use them liberally in your own content!