PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

stands for ‘Pay Per Click’. Though it could also stand for ‘Power Per Click’, because your instant rise to the top of Google’s search results puts you in charge.

Pay Per Click advertising is the fast, affordable and simple way to send your business listing up Google’s rankings. Offering targeted advertising, instant results, and endless data to help your business move forward, Search It Local is your shortcut to the top.

Let’s Help People Find You

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How does pay per click work?

Pay Per Click advertising makes business simple. You only pay when people click (which probably has something to do with the name). If you’re spending your Adwords budget, it’s likely due to curious customers who are interested in what you’re selling.

Targeted advertising.

As a trusted partner of Google, we use Google Adwords to define your search terms. You have control over the specific aspect of your brand you want to advertise. Choose the keywords your customers are searching for, and speak directly to them. Target your market/audience/customers wherever they are.

PPC advertising is faster than SEO.

If the thought of waiting in line bores you to tears, you’ll love PPC. While SEO is the foundation for lasting online success, it can take time, while PPC is immediate. Want to appear at the top of Google? We can get you there in hours. Our PPC experts put together Adword campaigns that get results fast.

Increase leads and conversions.

Good marketing should place your business in front of your most likely customers. PPC advertising is more than instant visibility. It connects you with people who are actively searching for the products and services that you provide.

Complete control of your budget.

You control exactly how much you want to spend. No unexpected bills. No hidden costs. Our PPC experts provide easy to understand data so you know where your money has been spent, and where it can be most effective going forward.

Data! Data! Data!

PPC marketing comes with transparent results that allow you to measure your performance. Our PPC experts can show you who clicked your ad, how many leads you’ve generated, how much traffic your site has received, and which keywords have generated the most clicks. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is marketing gold.

A collaborative experience.

We’re a PPC company that knows a lot about Pay Per Click advertising. But we don’t know nearly as much about your business. That’s where you come in. We’re a digital Adwords management team, like Batman and Robin, and with our PPC savvy and your industry knowledge we’ll find the keywords and demographics that will see your business thrive.

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