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Here's how we did it.

The client was established in 2011 by Brett Davis.

As a motoring enthusiast Brett started the site began as a hobby and it soon became his full time gig.

The website focuses on providing authentic reviews of performance, luxury and sports vehicles.

The vehicles are personally tested to deliver a unbiased opinion on the car handling, comfort, fuel economy and engine power.

The problem

The team had grown since 2011 and Brett was looking to turn into a profitable business.

The problem was that traffic had plateaued for more than a year and they needed to change this trend.

The challenge was how would we increase traffic to help generate more advertising revenue and attract larger brands to sponsor banner ads on the website.

Industry Insights.

Market Size

Annual Revenue

$3 bn

Annual Growth


Completing Business


Avg. Business Revenue

$1.82 m

Industry Employment


Avg. Rev. Per Employee

$478 k

Engine Stats

Industry Keywords - Total Monthly Searches


Avg. Cost Per Click for Industry Keywords



  • Increase advertising revenue
  • Increase organic traffic volume
  • Improve onsite website visiting time
  • Increase number of email subscribers


Our solution focused firstly on improving the content on the website.

We did this by creating more newsworthy pieces that offered shareable and authoritative content.

While this was happening we placed heavy focus on enhancing the user experience of the website by tasking our developers with making improvements to mobile responsiveness.

We then rewrote the site URLs, optimised meta tags, created author bios and updated terms and condition for consideration for its content be featured on the Google News platform.

Finally, we worked to revenue growth but adding and optimising call to action for each page of the website to help drive up subscriber numbers.

How it worked

This solution was chosen for because it was the fastest way possible to increase search engine traffic on a low budget.

Also the style of website allowed us to make small changes to easily be included within Google News.

Updating the website to a responsive design was a logical change, as more than 40% of the website traffic was going from mobile users.

Marketing milestones.

Campaign results

0 %
Increase in organic traffic
0 %
Decrease in visitor bounce rate
Featured on Google News

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