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Everyone has a smartphone. Statistically speaking, you’re reading this on a smartphone right now! Use your mobile platform wisely and you can connect with the world.

More Google searches take place on mobile than on traditional desktop computers. A

mobile friendly website

taps into this growing market of consumers. Search It Local combines lightning speeds, intuitive designs, and proven SEO benefits to give your business the competitive edge.

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An absolute necessity.

More than half of all search queries come from mobile phones. No matter how stunning your desktop website is, if it isn’t a mobile friendly website, you’re fighting a losing battle. Our web designers take up the fight for you, crafting mobile friendly sites that will speak to the growing number of customers browsing on their phones.

The need for speed.

No matter what products or services you offer, you want your clients to have access to them quickly. Our mobile friendly websites are lightning fast which means less loading time and lower bounce rates. Your business is the party. Our mobile websites are the invitation.

Improved user experience.

With so much online competition, user experience is at the core of a successful digital presence. A mobile friendly website is built to be experienced on the go. From menu placement to prominent call-to-actions, first impressions count.

A responsive website turns interest into instant action.

With our engaging content and dazzling visuals, mobile site services are the final piece of the puzzle. Your visitors can engage with your brand in real time. Click-to-call, instant directions, and online bookings happen at the touch of a button. With a mobile friendly site, business is good.

Google loves a mobile friendly website.

It’s official. Google now uses the mobile version of a site for indexing and ranking. Put simply, if you don’t have a mobile website design, no matter how high you’ve climbed up Google’s search results, you’ll soon drop off. Google’s message? Consumers are going mobile. And so should you.

AMP – Access the Next Generation.

The AMP Project may sound like a declassified Cold War file. But it’s actually Google’s revolutionary initiative to speed up the internet. Accelerated Mobile Pages load instantaneously by using Google’s own servers to create an alternate version of your site. It sounds confusing, but there’s only two things to know. Google loves an AMP website, and we love developing them.

SEO on the go.

With Google now officially prioritising mobile sites, a mobile friendly site is the key to achieving SEO results. Our mobile friendly designs are impossible to ignore. You won’t just catch the eye of your customers, but we’ll pique Google’s interest with our website optimisation too.

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