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Here's how we did it.

The client

When Lend first approached us in 2015 they were new players, looking to disrupt the business finance industry, one of the most competitive in Australia.

Their model aims to connect small business with a range of non-bank lenders on one easy to use platform, allowing users to discover and compare lending options at a glance.

By streamlining the loan process electronically they ensure owners can finance their goals online, without the hassle and paperwork that usually goes along with approaching a bank.

It’s all laid out black and white, side by side so their customers know that they’re getting the best deal and best rate.

The problem

Big banks and established financial institutions are a force of nature.

They have such deep pockets that to engage in a bidding war on traditional digital ad space simply isn’t an option for new players in the industry.

You’ll lose every time.

Coming to us, Lend had the problem of having zero brand recognition, zero traffic and minimal budget.

They recognised that establishing a foothold early and growing their marketing would be crucial for their long term success.

To do that they needed an asymmetrical marketing strategy that would give them the best possible chance of getting their massage out to their customers in a way they could do on their own terms.

They needed a sustainable, content driven marketing platform that would earn them organic traffic from which they could then reinvest into other marketing channels such as Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and video.

They need to win now, do it cost effectively and diversify later.

Industry Insights.

Market Size

Annual Revenue

$202 b

Annual Growth


Completing Business


Avg. Business Revenue

$5.19 m

Industry Employment

218 k

Avg. Rev. Per Employee

$924 k

Engine Stats

Industry Keywords - Total Monthly Searches


Avg. Cost Per Click for Industry Keywords



  • Increase advertising revenue
  • Increase organic traffic volume
  • Improve onsite website visiting time
  • Build brand awareness


The business loan market is competitive.

The majority of top organic positions are held by blue chip enterprises like ANZ, NAB and The Commonwealth Bank.

To compete against them we needed to be nimble and leverage our creativity to earn ranks and impressions.

By delivering a content marketing campaign that focussed on deep topic analysis we were able to uncover trending questions in the industry that consumers were actively in interested in.

At the same time we offered authoritative, value driven pieces that addressed the political and economic issues that impact the industry.

The value of these ideas and strategic content resulted in Lend being published on leading industry websites like GQ and Canstar.

By piggybacking on their prestige we were able to attract and inspire the right customers to visit Lend’s website and learn more about their approach and products.

Why it worked

This approach allowed us to earn the maximum return for our client’s website, both in terms of traffic and domain authority.

Securing #1 organic spots for key industry search phrases has catapulted Lend up the ranks allowing their name to appear next to top contenders in the industry.

Combine that with their value content being published and living on prestige sites doubles down on this trend.

Through brand association and proximity Lend has won instant authority with both the eyes of their customers and Google alike.

In a highly saturated market they’re seeing results with their digital marketing that normally takes years to achieve.

They’ve enjoyed a 100 percent increase in website traffic, month on month, every month, for the lifetime of our partnership.

That’s secure, sustainable, long term organic growth, that avoids the need to invest in a losing race for ad space.

Marketing milestones.

Campaign results

0 %
Increase in organic traffic - month on month
# 1
Position on goal keywords
Featured on industry leading sites

Trusted by leading brands + over
3,000 Australian businesses!

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