How To Run An SEO Campaign With (Almost) No Money


Are you looking to start an SEO campaign at a price that works for you?

With SEO leads converting at an average of 14.6% – compared to the 1.7% conversion rate of traditional outbound marketing, you’re making the smart choice.

But with so many agencies and articles recommending you ‘spend, spend, spend’, what do you do if your budget is tight?

There is an answer.

You don’t need the deepest pockets to succeed online and appear at the top of Google. You just need the most creative approach and an understanding of where your money will be best invested.

So, where should your money go if you’re looking to spend creatively? 

The 3 pillars of a successful SEO campaign:

  • On-site optimisation
  • Content creation
  • Link building

Why do I need to invest in the 3 pillars of SEO?

With over 200 ranking signals influencing Google’s algorithm, it can feel overwhelming knowing where to invest your time and energy.

To make your SEO campaign as simple as possible, you should focus on the following 3 areas.

Doing so means spending money on the aspects of SEO that move the needle and move you towards the #1 spot on Google.

Even better, by focusing on these 3 proven aspects of SEO you reduce wasted marketing spend, and scale up your business within your means.

That means more leads coming in, less money going out, and a future you can look forward to.

The 3 pillars of SEO you need to invest in are…

On-site optimisation

On-site optimisation ensures that major search engines like Google can access and index the pages of your site; as well as creating a smooth and user-friendly site for visitors.

Content creation

Creating new content for your site on a regular basis helps to increase your site’s authority and relevance. It also helps to provide more keyword rich content for major search engines like Google to index.

Link building

Building a portfolio of links to quality, relevant and well-known sites will be a major influence on your search engine rankings. Not only do backlinks improve your site’s authority and increase your rankings, but these links create new streams of traffic and expose your business to a wider audience.

money and laptop

Are you ready to win at SEO for (almost) no money?

When developed over time, these 3 pillars of your SEO campaign will improve your website’s authority, which will improve your website’s rankings, which will lead to more site traffic, which will lead to more leads, which will lead to move conversions.

You don’t need to break the bank to be successful, you just need to master the basics.

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