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  • A Google My Business listing is a listing that appears on Google when potential customers are searching for your business or the service your provide. It is a convenient tool for customers to find all your business information in one helpful place.

  • A GMB listing is the heartbeat of an online business presence. It contains all the vital information that can convince visitors to become customers. Containing contact details, business hours, your website address (if you have one), the products you provide, and reviews from customers to drive home how great your business is! A GMB listing means visibility. You’ll appear in maps, locations and local searches. And that’s great for business.

  • You don’t specifically need a website to use Google My Business, but it will always work best if you have a bigger online presence, including your own website, to give you more legitimacy. Our web development team have taken businesses to the next level by combining optimised GMB listings with optimised websites for the perfect digital duo.

  • It’s all about exposure. You could have the Sistine Chapel of websites, but you’re only impressing people who already know about your business. A GMB listing puts your business right where curious consumers are looking, adding a new stream of referral traffic.

  • You can search your own business in the Google My Business search or through Google Maps. There is a button there that says “Write A Review”. Click that and your clients can write a review. It’s worth noting that you will need a Gmail account to write a review. Once you have 6 people write you a review you will get stars appearing in the search on Google when people type in your keywords and when people type in your business name. The higher the stars, the more likely new customers will be to choose you!

  • Google My Business is designed for local businesses. Initially, your visibility will probably be limited to more local searches. If you follow our guidance with regard to online marketing, and enhancing your content, then there’s potential to improve your ranking around Australia. This is a long-term process though, and many criteria must be met.

  • Google features pre-defined categories that they have chosen to make your business easier to find for potential clients. We’ll find the most relevant categories and apply them to your GMB page, giving you a much better chance of ranking well - we want to see you succeed as much as you do!

  • Citations act as a form of ‘voting’ for your business online. When we list your business (on directories, for example) we’re helping to broaden your online presence, and Google likes this (they told us). It’s a gradual process - we focus on listing the main details of your business and keeping it consistent across the web.

  • We’re constantly working on your profile - sleep is for the weak! Honestly, though, we undergo ongoing work listing your business and improving your online presence and reputation. Google’s algorithms are always changing, so this means we always have to adapt and make updates.

  • In your initial set-up call, we’ll ask you questions about your business and get a good understanding of your goals and expectations of online advertising. Then we’ll perform a keyword analysis, finding the best and most relevant keywords that we’ll get your business to rank for. This takes competitor analysis, an understanding of the average customer, and a very particular set of skills, skills we have acquired over a very long career, just like Liam Neeson.

  • The only company who can guarantee a first position ranking under a keyword is Google (and they won’t do this!). If a company guarantees something that’s too good to be true, it probably is. While our services will most likely improve your search ranking, get you more traffic, more leads and more sales, make you more attractive to the opposite sex and cure baldness, we’re not going to guarantee a first position ranking, or a certain position by whatever date. SEO is unpredictable, but by adopting a diverse strategy (not just one keyword) we’ll set you up for the best possible chance of success.

  • This is a start, but it only means you’ll show up to people who already know you or your business. What we’re aiming for is to get you appearing for prospective clients who don’t know your specific business, but are looking for a service related to what you offer. There are countless people who would be interested, but don’t know who you are yet. We’ll find the best phrases to target to catch these would-be-customers, and drastically increase your visibility.

  • This doesn’t mean your competitors are better or cheaper than you - it means they’ve managed to tell Google what’s on their page (or had SEO work done by another company). If you want to compete you’ll have to adopt SEO practices too. Google lists companies it thinks are the most relevant to the search term. When you hire an expert SEO company (*cough cough*), we can make you more relevant.

  • Adopting some SEO techniques can of course be done yourself to some extent, just as you can fix your car, build your own home, or perform your own triple bypass surgery. Chances are, though, that a professional can do the job better (if you’re a mechanic, builder and cardiac specialist, then...congratulations!). We’ve got the experience and training, and know the ins-and-outs of this industry. At Search It Local we provide a service that sets your business apart. You know your business better than anyone. And we know SEO better than anyone. When these skills come together, you’re going to see success.

  • There is no limit to the amount of photos you can use on your Google My Business page. We encourage using as many as possible as it helps with the SEO process. We highly suggest 7 – 10 to get everything started and then intermittently adding more to create more exposure for your page.

  • There will always be people talking about your business, whether the feedback is positive or negative. Testimonials are a very valuable tool for increasing your visibility online - they’re one of the most important ranking factors and can dramatically improve SEO. While you can’t delete negative reviews, you’re able to respond to each one and come to a resolution.

  • You do not need to show your full address. Google has an option to hide the house number and street so that just your suburb is showing. It is best to show your full address for SEO but understandably that is not always possible.

  • Unfortunately it takes this long since Google sends out a postcard from their US head office. This is sent to your physical address to ensure your business is real, and can then be put on Google Maps. No business will be listed without this verification process.

  • You will need to pay the total fee upfront for this solution. We do offer some payment plans for bigger solutions.

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