Google Business Reviews: The Simple Way To Make Your Business Successful

google my business reviews the simple way to make your business successful

“Advertising has never worked for me.”

“I wish I understood the secrets of advertising.”

“Word of mouth has always worked best for my business.”

As a business owner, there is a strong chance that you have made at least one of these three statements at some point in the life of your business.

I wanted to write this blog post to tell you something that no one in your industry wants to acknowledge.

Better yet, it’s something no one even knows about.

And that is – the businesses that have the most reviews on Google not only get the most traffic, but have the highest conversions too.

It’s a formula that’s so simple but so brilliant!

Think of it this way, have you ever noticed that the businesses that rank the highest on Google tend to have the most positive reviews?

Its not rocket science. And once you’re visible on Google you can expect to see an increase in leads and conversions.

The truth is, a customer or client will typically choose the business that has the highest reviews simply because that business has the highest “trust grade“.

Yet the vast majority of small businesses are put off the idea of getting reviews. In some cases this is because they don’t understand how to do it. In other cases they are hesitant to ask their clients to write one.

Whatever reason you may have that holds you back from stock piling positive reviews like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter, the low effort required to change your ways can bring massive rewards to your business.

However, if you Google the search term “Google Reviews” you’ll notice the majority of the search results are related to removing negative reviews.

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With so many businesses focusing on the impact of negative reviews, it’s been forgotten just how valuable a positive review can be.

You might be thinking, ‘I provide great value for money and my client base is happy, so I don’t need to worry about reviews right?’

Hold on just a minute. Here’s why you should make reviews a priority.

The Importance of Google Business Reviews

There are three main benefits of getting customer reviews.

One – To get customer testimonials that you can use to further market your business.

Two – To see what you are doing right or wrong from a customer’s perspective.

Three – To improve the visibility of your business on Google.

Let’s quickly break down the value of these points.

Firstly, the value of happy testimonials is priceless. As a business owner you can tell me how great your products and services are. But if an unbiased third party tells me then i am much more likely to believe them, and spend my hard earned money on you.

I’d be confident going out on a limb to say most people have negative connotations in mind when they think about Google Business Reviews though. That needs to change! Google reviews can help transform your business for the better.

Which is why I wanted to take a moment to say I know EXACTLY where you are coming from if you’re concerned about negative reviews.

A major hesitation many business owners have in soliciting reviews is the fear of receiving a negative review.

To this I say – your business is awesome and in reality you’re more likely to see a hugely positive response than anything else.

To put your mind at ease, even the odd bad review won’t hurt you. In fact, a study found that 68% of consumers trust reviews MORE when they see good mixed with the odd bad review.

Then again, some business owners feel as though chasing reviews isn’t necessary as long as they provide a stellar service, with happy customers acting as a roving review.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. After all, you run an amazing business. So you want to focus on the day to day aspects and let your quality speak for itself. However, we live in a competitive and busy world where people wont take the time to call an individual business to communicate how much they enjoyed their products or services.

Which means you could end up waiting a very long time if you’re hoping to hear positive feedback.

It’s lovely to think your happy clients will tell their friends about your good work. But the word of mouth conversations that once happened on the street now happen online.

When new, potential customers come looking for your products and services, they won’t know how satisfied your last client was. They’ll only have your Google Business Reviews to help frame their decision.

If you haven’t collected enough reviews, you could be missing out on valuable new customers who turn to your competition instead.

We live in a world where time is more valuable than money. Which means you have to find a way to give your satisfied customers the time to submit reviews, which will help you make money.

Secondly, in terms of free local SEO, reviews are everything.

Google wants to provide the most relevant and useful websites to people, they even encourage you to get reviews themselves.

This means they care what your business does. BUT, they also care how it is perceived.

They take this into account using the quality and quantity of your reviews.

In fact, this is one of the most important ranking factors for local SEO.

Which means, if someone is looking for your products and services in your local area, your reviews will have a direct impact on whether you appear or not.

That’s how important they are!

Let’s say your GMB listing shows 23 reviews with an average rating of 4.8. While your competitor’s GMB has no reviews at all.

That’s strong social proof showing you as a valuable and useful business, which means you’ll typically appear instead of them.

Money in the bank!

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

Google Business Reviews do not have to be difficult. In fact, they are a simple way to attract more business and increase conversions.

Here are just some of the overwhelming ways that reviews can make or break your business.

  • 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews.
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do recommendations from friends and family.
  • 92% of consumers will read reviews online before they commit to a purchase.
  • 44% of consumers will not consider a review to be valuable if it was written over a month ago. So keep the reviews coming!

Your reviews can be an easy way to make your website present itself as professional and accomplished. They can also create extra revenue as well as give you a huge advantage over everyone else in your industry who has failed to see the value of a tsunami of satisfied customers.

And how do you transform a weakness into a strength?

Just by asking clients to write a review!

The Simple Way to Get Reviews From Your Customers

Let me give you a real world example of a small business just like you who is using Google Reviews to stand out in their industry.

I spoke to a wedding venue recently and they told me of their super simple trick to get reviews.

Following a wedding ceremony, once the cake has all been eaten and the tipsy Uncle has been tucked away in bed, they email their clients the next day to ask if everything was OK or if there were any issues (which no one ever has of course).

After that they send a final email saying ‘Thank you so much, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did. If you don’t mind, would you please leave a Google Business Review letting others know!” This comes with a link to their page, making it super easy for the happy customer to leave a review at the click of a button.

It’s so simple and it simply works.

So go and get business reviews on Google!

With the click of a button you can have your satisfied customers singing your praises, moving you to the top of Google, and helping you to attract more business too.

Interested in transforming your business with Google Business Reviews? I’ll arrange for a free review link that you can add to your email signature. That way your clients can help your business grow at the touch of a button.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with one final statistic that I think will really blow your mind.


That’s the increase in conversions for businesses who add reviews into their online shopping experience.

Are you ready to discover how your existing customers can send your revenue through the roof?

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