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Your ticket to the front page of Google!

Not the patient type? Google Adwords might be just what you need to up your exposure, fast. Adwords are pretty much your own little piece of paid advertising on the internet. Pick your words wisely and you’ll be the first thing popping up when people search.

Advertising that works.

As a business, being seen, getting more leads and ultimately improving your ROI are likely your main concerns. AdWords is the ideal tool - it’s quick, it’s versatile and it’s customisable. With our signature Search It Local flair, we’ll help you harness the power of AdWords.

The Search It Local touch.

AdWords has a lot of potential, but if you lack the know-how your campaign can fizzle out or spiral out of control. We’ll find the perfect balance between high-traffic and super specific keywords to target. The words that you customers are looking for.

Rapid results.

Tired of playing the waiting game. AdWords is the ideal choice if you’re looking for instant results. We make the whole process simple and snappy. We’ll get your ads up straight away, with the clicks following soon after.

Do it your way.

AdWords depends on you - where you want to appear and how much you are willing to pay to get there. You can also choose which of your search terms you want your ads to come up for, or just kick back and leave it all to us. Isn’t it nice to have options?

Show me the money!

Finding out how you’re ads are performing is no secret. At Search It Local we provide ROI reports so you know how your plan is tracking. We keep you in the loop so you can tell straight up how you ads are performing.

With you every step.

You’re free to look at the data, but having someone to explain your results is always handy. Traffic? Conversions? Cost-per-click? The capital of Slovenia? You’ll be assigned an account manager who can help you with (most) queries.

Keeping you in the loop.

AdWords helps you find out exactly what people are typing when they find you. We’ll report this data back to you, which helps us devise the perfect strategy going forwards.


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