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Glossary of Marketing Services


Ad text writing & optimisation (Paid Search)

Google Ads are the paid search results that appear before any other results. Ad text writing and optimisation is the process of strategically writing Google Ads so that they have higher click-through rates and conversion rates. Ad text writing & optimisation Ad text writing and optimisation is the process of strategically writing your Social Ads so that they have higher click-through rates and conversion rates. This is done by using language that appeals to your audience and encourages immediate action.

Ad set-up (Paid Search)

Google Ads are the paid search results that appear before any other results. If Search It Local is providing Google Ads services for you, we will undertake all paid campaign set-up including keywords selection, ad copy and tracking. Ad set-up (Social Ads) Social Ads are refer to mixture of display, text and video format ads that appear on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. If Search It Local is providing Social Ads services for you, we will undertake all campaign set-up including audience selection, ad copy and tracking.

Ad campaigns

An ad campaign is a collection of advertisements revolving around a single idea or message with the intent to achieve a specified goal.

Ad strategies

An advertising strategy is a plan designed to reach and communicate with customers in a way that convinces them to purchase a product or service.

Account manager

Your account manager is the employee whose job is to conduct the day to day support of your business account. They will be your point of contact and will provide support (both technical and otherwise), planning and communication where necessary. When not communicating with you, your account manager will be advocating for your needs and assigning tasks to other members within our team to achieve your goals.

A/B testing

A/B testing is a is a means of comparing two variations of a webpage to identify which one performs better (ie. makes more sales). This will allow us to determine the best possible website design and copy for your business’ success through proven results. Audience targeting Audience targeting refers to using data and information to target the focus of your campaigns on the people who will be most likely to purchase the products or services that your business offers. It’s important that we correctly identify and communicate with these people, as to create the maximum benefit possible. B


Branding and website design

Brand design determines the visual identity of your brand, and your website is a big part of that. Through strategic brand and website design, your brand’s message should be effectively communicated. Web design refers to the tactical design of web pages, their layout and coding. An effective website design is visually appealing and user friendly.


Copywriting + Copyediting

Copywriting is the writing of text for the purpose of marketing. This can be for your website, social media or advertisements. It should be written with the purpose to convince the reader to take a certain action, whether that be sign up to an email marketing list or make a purchase. In some cases Search It Local may be required to write your website copy from scratch, but other times it may simply need editing – AKA copyediting.

Copywriting and design support

Your account manager will provide support through all changes being made to your website and other marketing communications that we are managing for you (social media, Google Ads etc). This involves open communication with you so that we can execute your vision for your company in a strategic way.

Citation building

CItations are mentions of your business online, whether that be on websites or local directories. At Search It Local, we can help you gain quality citations from reputable websites relevant to your business. This will improve Google’s perception of your credibility, ultimately increasing your search rank.

Content Planning

Content planning is the time a professional writer dedicates to researching the subject that they’re going to write about. Content planning ensures details are accurate and reliable.

Content Formatting

Part of being an effective copywriter is ensuring that the copy you deliver is attractive and easy to read for the end user. Breaking up paragraphs, creating subheads, writing up bullet points and creating consistency all come together to ensure your users enjoy the act of reading as much as they enjoy the content itself. All this works together to reduce your bounce rate and increase the time people spend on your site.

Copy Revisions

When writing your copy we try to get it right the first time so you’re experiencing the rewards faster. Though, we of course understand that you might have a change of heart about a line or a headline and that you’d like it changed before it all goes live. That’s why all our Copywriting Packages include one free round of revisions. Just let us know what you’d like changed and we’ll make it happen. No fuss.

Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is a Google Ads tool that helps you track and identify the success of your campaign in achieving a range of desired campaign objectives. This can include generating leads, sales, downloads, email address collection, and other desired outcomes.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis refers to the process of identifying competitors or your business and analysing their strategies, strengths and weaknesses in relation to your own. Once complete, this information can be used to develop a marketing strategy going forward.

Customised branding and web design

The development of branding and website design that is unique to your business, products and the target audience that we intend to focus on. This will make your business stand out and hold a strong brand identity within your target audience’s minds. Customer service support Search It Local provide ongoing support to all of our clients (that’s you!) throughout all stages of our relationship. We want to help you succeed, and highly value open communication. We aim to keep you up to date as often as possible and if you have any queries or issues at any time, you can contact your account manager for assistance


Design Consultation

A design consultation is an opportunity for you to have a discussion with your account manager about how we can utilise design effectively to benefit your brand and achieve your goals. Design of Your Site Worked To Match Your Branding & Logo It’s important that all aspects of your brand are visually coherent – your website is no different. Our talented pool of designers will look at you existing branding as they work on your website concepts – making appropriate choices about colour, type and style as they move forward, so your website looks like… yours.

Data and reporting

Data is the numbers, facts and statistics relevant to your business and website. Data reporting is the is the activity of collecting, collating and analysing this data in a way that makes sense and gives us information that we can use to conduct marketing activities.

Data and reporting

Data is the numbers, facts and statistics relevant to your business and website. Data reporting is the is the activity of collecting, collating and analysing this data in a way that makes sense and gives us information that we can use to conduct marketing activities.

Discussion Marketing

Increasing brand awareness through electronic word of mouth, such as writing in forums and commenting on blog posts, while linking back to your website.

Design Modifications

When designing your website we try to get it right the first time so you’re experiencing the rewards faster. Though, we of course understand that you might have a change of heart about a colour, some copy or an image and that you’d like it changed before your site goes live. That’s why all our Web Design Packages include one free round of revisions. Just let us know what you’d like changed and we’ll make it happen. No fuss.


Email Outreach Email outreach

Email Outreach Email outreach is how we get links back to your website. We find other websites that are a good match for your business and we contact the owners asking them if they would be interested in receiving valuable content for their audience / publication. Once we’ve received a positive reply from the owner / editor we then create the content that will include a link back to your website.

Email support

As an alternative to calling, we can provide customer service and support to you over email. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to use by email and we will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

Easy Copywriting Template

At Search It Local we want to empower you to be successful at your own marketing. That’s why all our websites include an easy to understand outline that shows you how to write winning copy on you own. Use it to add pages to your website that capture attention and above all sell without the need to pay for professional writers.


Editing is the process of making changes to copy that improve its overall quality and readability. Editing comes after the initial research and draft are completed and is done by the writer to ensure the voice, tone and language used are appropriate for the audience. In effect it takes functional copy and makes it sound natural to the reader. Editing involves a proactive editor making changes and suggestions that will improve the overall quality of your writing, particularly in relation to language use and expression. After editing, your language will be sharp and consistent, your expression clear and the overall readability of your writing enhanced. Editing should ensure that your writing gives the impression that the English language comes naturally to you, even if it does not.




High quality images

The quality of an image refers to a number of factors including composition, lighting and resolution of an image that make it suitable for use. The resolution of an image refers to the amount of detail (or information) it holds. The higher the resolution, the more pixels and information that an image will have, giving it more detail. Try and aim for the highest resolution possible when providing us with images. Pictures should also be well lit, in focus and be composed well according to traditional photography guidelines (try searching for ‘the rule of thirds’).


Image selection

Our in-house creative team will source and acquire high-quality, free and engaging images for use across your campaign. These images are taken from our library of stock images and can be used by your business without additional cost incurred. Interactive site preview before launch Before launching your new website, our web design team will provide you with an unlaunched version of your website that lets you test how it looks and works. This way we can ensure that you are happy with the result and that everything works well.

Integrated Content Management System

A Content Management System – or CRM – is the platform that a developer uses to build a website without the need to individually code pages by hand. CRMs like WordPress also allow for easy integration of various plugins so you can further add to its functionally with ease. Having a CRM means if you do decide to take over your site you’ll have the tools you need to add pages and posts without years of coding experience.



Keyword research

Keyword research is search engine optimization activity used to research and identify the various search terms that people type into search engines when looking for a certain topic or solution. By identifying these keywords, we can work to improve your ranking for these search terms. Keyword optimisation Keyword optimization is taking the results of the keyword research and determining the best keywords to target in order to improve your search engine rank for these terms. This should drive people who have needs actually relevant to your business to your website.

Keyword rank tracking

Keyword rank tracking, or keyword tracking, refers to the observation of your website and webpages’ rank for specific keywords. The goal is to be in the top position for as many relevant keywords as possible, but being on the first page of search results is also optimal.


Landing page

A landing page is a website page intended to turn visitors into customers. A landing page differs from any other webpage in that it has a form or call to action to collect a visitor’s information or make a sale. Landing page branding and web design The use of strategic web design on each landing page to communicate a consistent brand message, attitude and voice for your business. This can include typography, colours, logos, urls, page structure, text, images, video, and other creative assets.

Landing Page set-up

Our website design team can help you structure and set up your website’s landing pages to optimise their conversion rates. We will design them in a way that each element of the page should work to take the customer further along their decision journey, encourage positive action and make taking the next step as easy as possible.

Local SEO reporting

Local SEO relates to enhancing your business’ visibility on the internet within your local region or area . Local SEO reporting is the analysis of the data and information collected when tracking the achievement of your Local SEO activities. Link building Link building is an effort to raise the quantity and quality of inbound links to your website and webpages with the objective of enhancing the search engine rankings. Inbound links are links on other websites directing traffic to your own website.


Mobile Optimised Design

The way people access the internet is increasingly on the go – and if your website isn’t designed to work with the device in your customers’ pockets they’re going to click off and find a site that does. Design for mobile is also incredibly important for Google – with their search algorithms now favouring mobile sites over desktop. It’s for these reasons all our websites are designed to work perfectly on mobiles, tablets, desktops and everything in between



Onsite SEO audit

An onsite SEO audit is used to evaluate the SEO practices implemented into a website. This should focus on the website’s content and performance, and should identify any existing individual page issues.


Professional Proofreading

Sometimes, the copy on your website will be good, but may need slight improvements. Our copywriting experts have extremely well trained eyes for spotting flaws in website copy and can make proofreading changes such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, as well as fixing any other language errors.


Quick optimisation wins

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy, however there are some things that can be done to produce quick results and improve your website’s rank in search engines. This is what we refer to as quick optimisation wins.



In order to make your website the best it can be, it may be best for us to make revisions and improvement to your website design, copy, logo and other branding elements. These will be done in line with your business goals and undertaken in a way that will improve your website’s conversion effectiveness and search engine ranking. ROI estimation and targeting Return on investment (ROI) is a success measure used to assess an investment’s effectiveness. ROI estimation and targeting refers to the analysis, planning and estimation of the potential monetary return of a campaign in relation to the price you pay.


SEO website

An SEO website is one which has been optimised and adapted in a way that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

SEO reporting

SEO reports provide an overview of the search engine performance of your website. Domain metrics, organic traffic, and rankings are typically the focus of such reports and the things we are looking to help you improve.

Set-up & Strategy Call

After you sign on with Search It Local, your account manager will give you a call to set up everything that we need to do to work together. We will also further discuss your goals and expectations, and develop a strategy that suits these and your budget.

Speed Optimised Coding

There are a number of factors that go into determining the speed at which a website loads. Best practice, streamlined, clean coding is one of the best ways to speed up your site. Your customers may not see it but they will enjoy the benefits as they browse your lightning fast site.


When we say strategy, we mean the overall plan of attack for reaching individuals and turning them into customers of the product or service that your business provides.


Tag manager installation and management

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that enables you to insert and monitor marketing tags on your website without having to alter the code. Search It Local can install Google Tag Manager onto your website and manage its use throughout your time with us.



Verification support

Search It Local provides support throughout the verification process to use Google’s SEO tools. Verification is the method of proving your ownership of your website and webpages. Google needs to verify ownership of your website in order for you to access its Google Search data and influence its rank.


Website Strategy

Your Website Strategy is the overall plan for your website based on everything we know about you and the goals you want you site to achieve. The decisions we make in this phase are the decisions that we’ll be working towards for the rest of the design and development process. By taking into account your audience, brand, and the specifics of your products and services early we ensure the smoothest rollout possible and that we’re building a website that works for you and your customers.

Website set-up

Our web design team will aid you in the process of designing, making changes and preparing your website for successful customer interaction and SEO. This can either be modifying an existing website, or building one from scratch.

Website Based on One of Our Templates

Your website will be built based on one of our beautiful design templates. When combined with individual customisation we ensure you get incredible quality and unmatched turnaround times.