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The guys at Search It Local have been great. They took what would have been the long, hard process of getting our business online and made it dead easy.

Originally we only signed up to have our Google My Business listing taken care of but one thing lead to another and now we have a beautiful custom site along with an AdWords bringing in plenty of work. I guess you could say things got a bit out of hand. Whoops.

They’re friendly, responsive and come to you with ideas on what could be improved, which is awesome. They pretty much let us take a back seat while they did all the work!
John Hannouche
I have been dealing with Jeremy from search it local for the past 6 months regarding my website and all I can say is he and the team have exceeded my expectations on service, professionalism and advice.

Jeremy is my coach In maximising the effectiveness of my website, traffic and offers dynamic solutions to enhance ways to take full advantage of keywords for maximum growth and future business potential.

I am thrilled to bits because Jeremy genuinely cares for my business and if you are in the process of making that decision to move forward with your business, do it, you will be glad you did.

Thank you Jeremy and the Search It Local team.

Love you guys.
Jason Halilovic
As a healthcare practitioner, I have found for many years that it is easy to work in my business, but very challenging to work on my business to help it to grow. I am sure that many practitioners find the same thing, probably due to lack of time and also lack of marketing knowledge, especially with the every-changing developments in digital marketing.

Recently my business has been growing exponentially, however I really can’t take any credit for it. The thing that made the difference is that I found Jacob at Search It Local! I am so glad that I did. Now I know that I can rely on someone I can trust, who knows what they are doing, and has my best interests at heart to promote my business so that it can grow while I am enjoying working in it and doing what I do best – helping people to reclaim their health and personal power. Thank you Jacob for your efficient and caring expertise.
Keren Wigley
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