Most frequently asked questions

Who are you?

We’re a collection of SEO professionals in Sydney, who hail from around the world. A diverse group, our combined enthusiasm and different areas of expertise helps us form a multi-pronged attack that will yield serious results!

Are you in Australia?

Yes, we’re in the Sydney CBD! This gives us great knowledge of local businesses and the state of Australian SEO.

Where are you located?

We are located at 17 Randle Street, Surry Hills.

How long have you been operating?

We’ve been performing SEO for businesses in Australia and beyond since 2013, and are constantly expanding and increasing our outreach.

What is your ABN?

Click here to find it on the government website ABN lookup. You can also find our ABN in our Terms & Conditions on the website.

As a client, will I be able to speak to someone?

Throughout your time with us, we’ll assign you a specialist client manager who’s adept in Google My Business, Adwords and various other forms of online marketing. They’ll help you through the process, sending regular, easy-to-digest reports that will show how much business you’re getting. We’ll start you off with a set-up call, and following this you’ll get frequently updated as we take each new step.

Will I get more work from this?

To get more work you have to actually be visible to potential clients, and appearing on Google is sure to increase your audience. Our SEO can get you appearing, and we’ll make sure your contact details are front and centre for clients to call.

Payment & subscriptions

Who is Ezidebit

Ezidebit is a service that many Australian businesses use to help collect payments from their customers. Click here for a link to their F&Q’s

Why do I pay upfront?

We have a large group of professionals who will be working on your campaign. Before we can get started we need to cover the cost of our expert staff and specialist software we’re trained to use. We do offer some payment schemes for larger packages though – have a chat with us to go through your options.

Can I pay half now & half when it's done?

We do offer some payment plans for larger projects, but there are restrictions and our work may have to be delayed until payment is received. Rest assured that we’ll put all of our resources to improving your visibility once this is received.

Can I use Paypal?

We prefer to keep things local, and since the vast majority of our clients are located in Australia we use Ezidebit for all of our transactions. This payment method is extremely safe and secure, to give you complete peace of mind.

Can I pay via invoice?

We do need prior payment before our work commences but we will send you an invoice after initial payment for your records.

Can I transfer money to your account?

We intentionally use one payment provider, Ezidebit, for all of our transactions as it’s safe, secure and very easy to track.

Can I pay Google directly?

Most of our services, while linked to Google, are separate from it. Google doesn’t offer SEO services like we do, so won’t accept payments. Our fee is for creating, managing and optimising your Google My Business page and/or website. If you use Google AdWords with us, though, you will pay Google directly when ads are clicked on, while paying us a management fee.

When does my payment get processed?

Ezidebit will process payments two times per day. The first one is 6am Queensland time and the second 3pm Queensland time.

What will it say on my statement?

It will say Ezidebit Newstead.

When will I get a receipt of the transaction?

It will take 2-3 days for Ezidebit to process the payment and before the funds are cleared. After that our bookkeeper will send you a copy of your receipt sent to your email.

What happened if my payment fails?

Ezidebit notifies you immediately of any failed payments. We’ll also notify the customer of the failed payment by SMS advising them to contact your business to arrange for a follow up payment. Ezidebit can also SMS the customer when their credit card is about to expire. You will also receive a dishonor fee from Ezidebit so make sure you have funds available in the provided account.

Is this an ongoing service?

All our services are subscription based. You will be able to cancel at anytime prior to your renewal date. We will also contact you in writing informing you that you will be up for renewal at the given date.

How long does it takes to process?

It takes about 2-3 days to process the payment.


What is the difference between Google and Google Partners?

You may hear us refer to our standing as a ‘Google Partner’. That’s because we’re so proud of it! While Google is a company specialising in internet services and products – with the most well known being the search engine, Google. Google Partners is their program for digital advertising agencies who have met Google’s high standards for company and client growth while continually sustaining their own client base.

In short, Google recognises agencies who have regularly demonstrated the ability to help their clients grow. At Search It Local, that’s exactly who we are.

Why should I trust you?

Those three little words, “I trust you” are music to our ears. We know there are some in the digital advertising industry who have given the industry a bad reputation. So we work hard to gain the trust of our clients.

We’re upfront and transparent with our fees and services, so you’ll never be kept in the dark. We don’t hide our results either, we live and die by the facts and figures. You’ll always be kept in the loop with detailed progress reports outlining where your business has grown

As a Google Partner, we’ve demonstrated a repeated ability to help our clients grow, so we’ve got the trust of Google on our side. All that’s left is to convince you. Still on the fence? Check out what our clients have had to say about us, or, give us a call and speak to our team today. We’d love to hear from you!

Do you guarantee SEO results?

Yes. Unlike most SEO companies we guarantee search engine rankings. Our decade of experience running SEO experiments has gifted us a proven system to rank web-pages to the top of Google’s search results within 90 days.

If you are interested in finding out more about our guaranteed SEO results, book a meeting with one of our SEO strategist’s today.

I already have a website. Why do I need to modify it?

You can own a car, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to win a race. Think of our team of experts as your pit crew. When your website pulls into our Sydney office, we’ll come at it from all angles. New design to dazzle customers, SEO strategies to improve your search engine ranking, behind the scenes development to ensure you’re mobile friendly and loading fast. Then it’s back to you, with a website that is meticulously designed to attract human visitors as well as move up the first page of Google.

You already have a website and a business. You need to modify it to make that website and business more accessible, and more successful.

What is digital marketing and advertising?

You could spend an entire weekend reading about digital marketing and advertising. But that would be a weekend wasted (unless you work at Search It Local, then it sounds like a great few days). We’ll keep this short and sweet – digital marketing and advertising is the marketing and advertising of products and services using digital technologies.

With the internet connecting demand and supply, the ability to advertise directly to consumers has allowed business to create digital presences that drive traffic to their websites, and as a result, drive more work to their business.

If you’ve got a business, you need an online presence. If you need an online presence, you need us.

Why choose Search It Local over other companies?

Life is full of choices. Try to choose a brand of cereal and you’ll see how many options there are. What decision making really comes down to, is what value do YOU get from your choice. We know there are other digital marketing agencies out there. We also know what value we bring to your business. As an Australian based agency we don’t send work away. Our tight-knit Sydney team understand your local industry and work towards your goals. We’ve got a long list of satisfied clients, and a portfolio of businesses who have seen the success of our proven SEO strategies. We’ve helped countless clients improve their online visibility, generate more clicks and more leads, and ultimately get more business.

I want to intern with your company, how do I apply?

We love working with interns almost as much as they love working with us! We know how challenging it can be to break into the industry, so we’re all about giving something back. Many of our interns have gone on to find work in digital marketing as a result of the skills they learned here. While many were brought on at our Sydney office as full-time staff.

If you’d like to learn more about our internship opportunities, click here.