Content is King. Why You Should be Blogging in 2020


Limitless Potential

Blogging presents the opportunity to grow your business beyond the ordinary confines of traditional advertising and into something more meaningful.

It’s as essential to owning a small-medium sized business today as it was to be listed in the yellow pages 15 years ago. Consider the four reasons why your business should begin blogging immediately:

Communication with customers

A blog presents the opportunity to communicate directly with your customers, keeping them loyal and engaged as they move from observer to purchaser and finally promoter as a happy customer! Commenting, sharing and liking your blog posts can all help to develop an important rapport with your customers or potential customers.

Strengthens your expertise

Having to update your blog can be an effective way to personally improve your strengths or showcase your expertise as you research or discover more as you write. With so many businesses providing the same products and services as you, blogging regularly ensures your knowledge is up-to-date and razor sharp, giving you the edge over your competition.

Advertising for social media

The rise of social media has provided an invaluable channel to connect with your customers and share your message. What’s even better, with social media use on the rise – up 13% year on year, there’s a growing consumer base ready to receive your message. Integrating your blogging and social media shows Google your website is up to date, which is a tip of the hat to SEO, while social media provides a two-way conversation that increases your brand awareness and trust.

Building up your company voice/brand

Competition online is fierce. So it pays to put your brand ahead of the pack. Blogging does this in a variety of ways.

    It sharpens your business focus. When you regularly provide content relating to your core business message and services, there’s no chance of getting distracted. Blogging is a constant reminder to share the very best aspects of your business. It encourages you to tell your brand story – how you came to be, where you want to go. Consumers want to be a part of your journey. Through publishing your thoughts and real-life experiences, you transform from a generic online business, to a human with qualities and experiences that your customers will love. Differentiate yourself from competitors. Your competitors may have similar products and services, but there’s one thing they don’t have. You. Sharing your thoughts, experiences, suggestions and tips is a great way to stand out. When you establish yourself as a trusted authority, you’ll see consumers turning to you.

The internet is the first point of call for people looking for answers, or to make purchases. Blogging is the ideal way to provide the answers to both of these consumer based queries. With figures showing businesses who blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t, there’s only one thing left to do.

Start blogging now and enjoy some serious business growth soon.