Competitor Analysis

Competition breeds success, and we’re here to ensure it’s your business that gets the gold.

We provide extensive

competitor website analysis

, reverse engineering your competitor’s success to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and create a personal strategy for your business to fill in the gaps. Whether you want to take top ranking for industry keywords, or stand out with irresistible design and content, Search It Local are in your corner.

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Who’s the real competition?

We distinguish between your physical competition and those ahead of you in the online space. You might hold a grudge against the shop next door, but it’s those taking the prime real estate on Google who we’re after.

Keyword research.

Our detailed competitor website analysis identifies the keywords your competition are using to rank. What keywords are they succeeding with? What opportunities are they missing? Our team of SEO experts love playing detective almost as much as they love getting clients on the first page of Google.

Competitor website analysis behind enemy lines.

Once we’ve established your competitor’s keywords, we dive deep into their digital brand. Our competitor analysis tools take a fine toothed comb to their design, concept, information architecture and website traffic. We’ll find your competitor’s website to build a picture of the digital landscape and map out a location for you.

Content is king.

Everyone can write. But not everyone can be a writer. Our copywriters assess the content from your competitors before crafting unique and engaging content that stands out. Impeccably researched, exquisitely written and undeniably unique.

Designs that shine.

Google can’t see, but your customers can. If your competitors are using intuitive designs that compel people to visit, we’ll let you know. More than that, our web design team will stop at nothing until your site stands out from the crowd.

Learn from (their) mistakes.

The only way to learn is to first make mistakes. Or, you could learn from the errors of your competitors and avoid making mistakes at all. We work smart as well as hard, and use the data from your competitor website analysis to tailor a strategy that’s built to succeed.

SEO competitor analysis.

Ongoing competitor analysis is a highly critical process that includes all aspects of your competitor’s digital presence. We follow the trends behind their success and failure and pass the information on to you. You focus on the day-to-day of your business, and we’ll be the voice in your ear with the tips and tricks to get you ahead.

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