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Project Overview

When Saltire Road Services came to us they had no website at all. With generations of experience in their family business they knew everything there was to know about road surfacing, and wanted us to create a website that attracted new customers based on their unmatched experience and long list of services.

They wanted to highlight their connection with the local Victorian community and generate new leads as a result of their high quality work.

The Solution

Website Design, One Page Website

Our web development team and web designers got to work on creating a website that was visually appealing to visitors who statistically make snap judgements on website appearance in less than a second. We also took advantage of the raw data that told us how website visitors interact with a site.

With web users spending 80% of their time looking above the fold, we placed a simple and clear quote form in an unmissable location which has helped drive conversions through the roof. By understanding their target market, we stripped back any unnecessary information and created a final product that was full of important info and unmissable call-to-actions.

The Result

Saltire Road Services was thrilled with their new website.

The overall design for Saltire Road Services brings excitement and a modern flair to the history of the brand. The consistent page layouts maximises ease of use, and also creates familiarity and security for the overall user experience.

Making their long list of road services simple and easy to access, the usability of their new site encouraged customers to explore in a simple and direct way en route to clear and concise call-to-actions.

Visually appealing, the balance between images and content was perfectly struck to speak to the pain points of current customers and attract new customers too.

That meant more clicks, more customers and more business.

Saltire road services

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