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Project Overview

Bargain Bins has been keeping homes, offices and building sites clean for two decades, so they were already experts at sweeping up business. But they wanted to attract new leads and customers to help them really clean up.

So they came to us with a goal in mind. They wanted to target new customers throughout Sydney the moment they needed a waste removal team. Their vision was to increase the number of quality leads through their website without losing control of their advertising spend. We showed them that a custom AdWords campaign was the perfect way to do that. They specialise in skips, so we skipped straight to work.

The Solution

Google Adwords

We crafted compelling AdWords campaigns that spoke to the purchasing desires of their customers. By implementing a targeted advertising approach we streamlined the process of supply and demand and put 20 years of quality waste removal services right in front of people who were looking for the very same thing. With ongoing optimisation we tried different versions of their ads at once, identifying the best performing ads and leaving the poorly converting ads behind to push their campaign forward at full speed.

We also worked towards raising the ‘Quality Score’ of their ads which has a huge effect on where the ads will appear and how much they’ll cost. By using the most relevant keywords we targeted visitors who were more likely to convert into customers once they clicked.

The Result

Bargain Bins wanted a way to attract new customers while staying in control of their budget. That’s exactly what we gave them.

8,610 Ad views in 3 months.
7.12% click-through-rate compared to the industry average of 2.61%.
22 conversions in three months. Those are customers they instantly connected with!

It’s safe to say Google AdWords provided the boost that Bargain Bins was looking for.

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