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Project Overview

Attuned Psychology came onboard with us back in August 2016. Offering a range of psychological and therapeutic services for people in need, they wanted to make sure their services were readily available when people needed them most. They wanted to find a way to increase their leads and client base, but to stop their advertising costs from getting out of control.

A tailored AdWords campaign ticked all the boxes, so we tuned in to to the perfect solution. A PPC strategy was the quick and efficient way of making it all happen.

The Solution

Google Adwords

Our experienced AdWords Specialists crafted a personalised campaign that took into account Attuned Psychology’s location and services. Detailed keyword research and competitor analysis informed our decisions and helped us arrive on a winning strategy.

We worked towards bringing their cost per conversion down, and at the same time, bring their conversion rates up. In other words, we worked towards reducing their costs with the most effective and compelling ads, while increasing their income by targeting ‘ready to spend’ customers at the perfect moment. As of now their cost per conversion is down 34% and their conversion rate up 53% in the last quarter alone!

The Result

Attuned Psychology wanted to take advantage of their digital presence by increasing conversions, but reducing overall costs. With a 77% increase in paid traffic that’s exactly what we gave them.

18,823 Ad views in 3 months.
7.2% click-through-rate compared to the industry average of 3.27%.
57 conversions in three months. That’s almost 20 conversions every month!

It’s safe to say Google AdWords was in tune with Attuned Psychology’s goals.

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