What Is Google AdWords?

AdWords is centred around keywords. People search for the information, services and products they desire on Google. When your chosen keywords are searched for, it triggers your ad, placing you at the top of the search engine listings. How much does it cost? An AdWords campaign places you in complete… Read More »What Is Google AdWords?

What Is Google Analytics?

Web analytics made simple. You’ve got the website, your content is strong and your business has found its niche online. Now it’s time to crunch those numbers to really get ahead. What is Google Analytics ? Google Analytics is an integral part of a successful online marketing campaign. The data… Read More »What Is Google Analytics?

Mobile-Friendly Website

Everyone has a smartphone. Statistically speaking, you’re reading this on a smartphone right now! Use your mobile platform wisely and you can connect with the world. More Google searches take place on mobile than on traditional desktop computers. A mobile friendly website taps into this growing market of consumers. Search… Read More »Mobile-Friendly Website