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Here's how we did it.

The client

Attuned Psychology came onboard with us back in August 2016. Offering a range of psychological and therapeutic services to people in need, they wanted to make sure their services were readily available when people needed them most.

The problem

They needed a way to increase their leads and client base so they could continue to provide the best service possible, while ensuring they had enough control on their costs that they never got out of control.

Industry Insights.

Market Size

Annual Revenue

$9.1 b

Annual Growth


Completing Business


Avg. Business Revenue

$1.035 m

Industry Employment

37.9 k

Avg. Rev. Per Employee

$240.1 k

Engine Stats

Industry Keywords - Total Monthly Searches


Avg. Cost Per Click for Industry Keywords



  • Reach people in most need of help and care
  • Ensure potential customers were aware of our client as an option at all stages of their treatment journey
  • Improve total numbers of clients on boarding week on week
  • Increase number of weekly appointments to the point our client could take on additional staff
  • Meet client revenue goals


We chose to develop a Google Ads campaign that leveraged the wealth of high quality informational content already available on our client’s website.

By connecting to users at every stage of their care journey – from early research of their symptoms and needs, to the time they’re ready to make an appointment – we ensured our client was the first name to appear to offer advice and solutions.

The result – our client was able to provide incredible care to those at risk before they even made a booking all the while building enough recognition and trust to ensure they were the go-to option when a potential client was ready to seek advice.

  • Researching and targeting longtail keywords with high informational and consumer intent
  • Developing a nurturing sales journey that reached both longterm and immediate prospects
  • Broadened our clients service area to reach new clients

Marketing milestones.

Click Through Rate
0 %
Phone calls in 3 months
Form Submissions in 3 months

Campaign results

$ 0
$ 0 k

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