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About Us

Yes, we are located in the Sydney CBD.
Throughout your time with us you will have a client manager that specialises in Google My Business, Adword’s and other forms of online marketing. They will guide you through the process we take and send regular report’s that demonstrate the increase of exposure your business is getting. This will start with a setup call to explain everything and will continue with updates a bout the different steps we take.
We are an Australian company based in Sydney CBD that has been operating since 2013.
We located on 309 Pitt Street In Sydney.
We have been performing SEO for businesses since 2013.
Click here  21 426 486 497 to have a look at the government website ABN lookup our ABN is also listed in our Terms & Conditions on our website.
To get more work you need to be available to potential client’s. We will make sure your appearing on Google and have your contact details readily available for potential client’s to call you.

Payment & Subscriptions

Ezidebit is a service that many Australian businesses use to help collect payments from their customers. Click here for a link to their F&Q’s
We have a large team of professionals that will be working on your campaign. In order to get everything going we need payment to cover cost’s of staff and the software that we are trained to use. We do have some payment schemes available for larger packages.
We do offer some payment plans but there are restrictions and our work could be delayed until full payment is received.
We prefer to keep everything locally. The large majority of our client’s are located in Australia and therefore we use Ezidebit for all our transactions. We have an ongoing relationship with them and they have a very secure transaction process.
We do need prior payment before our work commences but we will send you an invoice after initial payment for your records.
We intentionally use one payment provider, Ezidebit, for all of our transactions as it’s safe, secure and very easy to track.
Google doesn’t actually offer the SEO service that we do and therefore don’t accept payment’s for it. The fee we charge is to create, manage and optimise your Google My Business page and this is a service that Google doesn’t offer. If you are using Google Adword’s though you will have to pay Google directly while paying us a management fee.
Ezidebit will process payments two times per day. The first one is 6am Queensland time and the second 3pm Queensland time.
It will say Ezidebit Newstead.
It will take 2-3 days for Ezidebit to process the payment and before the funds are cleared. After that our bookeeper will send you a copy of your receipt sent to your email.
Ezidebit notifies you immediately of any failed payments. We’ll also notify the customer of the failed payment by SMS advising them to contact your business to arrange for a followup payment. Ezidebit can also SMS the customer when their credit card is about to expire. You will also receive a dishonor fee from Ezidebit so make sure you have funds available in the provided account.
All our services are subscription based. You will be able to cancel at anytime prior to your renewal date. We will also contact you in writing informing you that you will be up for renewal at the given date.
It takes about 2-3 days to process the payment.

Google My Business SEO

You will not need a website to use Google My Business however it’s always work best if you do have one.
You can search up your business on in the Google My Business search or Google Maps. There is a button where it says “Write A Review” Click that and your clients can write a review. Note that you will need a Gmail account to write a review. Once you have 6 people write you a review you will get stars appearing in the search on Google when people type in your keywords and when people type in your business name.
You will need to pay the total fee upfront for this solution. We do offer some payment plans for bigger solutions.
Google My Business is designed for local businesses. You won’t appear around the whole of Australia initially but if you follow our guidance with your online marketing and take further measure’s with your business’s online content there is the potential to improve your ranking in Australia. This is a lengthy process though and requires a large criteria to be completed to achieve such a wide audience.
Google has pre-defined categories that they have chosen that make your business easier to find for potential client’s. We will find the most relative categories and apply them to your Google My Business page giving you a higher chance of ranking well. This is one of the many criteria’s that impact your SEO rank.
Citations act as a form of ‘voting’ for your business online. When we list your business on a large array of citations we are broadening the online presence. This is a gradual process and works similarly to how a business would grow in exposure off the web too. We primarily focus on listing some of the main details of your business and keeping it as consistent as possible across the web.
We are constantly working on your page while your subscribed with us. Part of the work we do is also listing your business in other part’s of the web. The work on your Google My Business page is ongoing and as Google’s algorithm’s are constantly changing there will always need to be updates as well.
When we initially speak with you to setup your campaign we will ask you questions about your business and get an understanding of what your aiming for with your online advertising. Then we will perform a keyword analysis and find the best possible keyword’s that your business will rank under. This will involve analysing your competition too and understanding what the average customer is searching for when they look for your service.
The only company that could potentially guarantee a first position ranking under a particular term is Google and they never have. If a company is guaranteeing you specific results it’s best to look into the fine print more. We do our very best to get you ranking well in Google under a range of term’s and realise diversity is key in any form of marketing so we avoid targeting one specif term. This can be costly and lead to failed promises.
You may come up under your business name in Google already but ideally you want to target customer’s that are searching for your service that haven’t heard of your business before.
Your competitors might not be better or cheaper than you but if they come up on Google and you do not it means that they have managed to tell Google what is on their page. Google will list the companies on the first page that they think is the most relevant. You will engage us to help you become more relevant.
Off course we can fix our own cars,build or own houses, and preform our own bypass surgeries but most of the time it’s a better idea to find a professional to do it for us.
There is no limit to the amount of photo’s you can use on your Google My Business page. We encourage using as many as possible as it helps with the SEO process. We highly suggest 7 – 10 to get everything started and then intermittently adding more to create more exposure for your page.
In today’s society there will always be talking about your business whether it’s offline or online. We encourage you to respond to all of the testimonials you get whether they are good or bad. You can’t delete reviews however with the ability to respond you can come to a resolution and get quality feedback about your business while also increasing your SEO dramatically as reviews are one of the most important ranking factors.
You do not need to show your full address. Google has an option to hide the house number and street so that just your suburb is showing. It is best to show your full address for SEO but understandably that is not always possible.
Your page take’s roughly 3 week’s to go live as Google send’s out a postcard from their head office in the US. This postcard is sent to your physical address to ensure your business is real and this will warrant your position on Google Maps. They won’t list any business on Google without verification processes.