Industry research

Initially we will research your business’ current page and what desired keywords would be best for you to use. It’s best to find what your competitor’s are doing right and wrong so we know how to out perform them.

Content creation

After finding your existing content we will work hard to create more SEO friendly content and make sure everything is displayed in a way that is preferrable for search engines. This might involve refining images, text and other existing business information.

External content

Once your campaign is gaining a lot of exposure we will create citations for your business around the web that act as a form of ‘votes’ for your business online while also linking this to your website and boosting your presence on Google.


One of our expertise is our reporting. We send out regular reports informing you of how many people have been finding you and clicking through to your website. We can also access how many call’s or driving instructions you have had.

You in the first place

SEO is an ongoing process and we aim to get you to the top of Google and keep you up there. We will demonstrate where you are appearing and how we have managed to get you into these positions.