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Local SEO Service

Our most popular products is our Local SEO service for Google My Business also know as GMB SEO. With Google My Business SEO, we create a new profile for you unless you have one already. You can also go for one of our add on products such as a review page or one page website, however, we do not perform any SEO services on your website itself. We concentrate on your Google My Business profile instead. Registering for Google My Business is free and it’s something we recommend everyone to do. Regardless if you have a GMB profile for your business or not, it’s recommended to have Google My Business optimised for local SEO searches you wish to appear for.

Google My Business Registration

Google My Business Registration is to create, claim or gain access to your GMB profile. This service will require you to prove to Google that you are the owner to the business. This is usually done by Google through sending your business a post card by mail. It is sometime possible to verify by a phone call depending on how much information Google have about the business. This process usually and according to Google themselves can take around 2-3 weeks. If your currently not listed with Google, we will create, set up and register your profile with Google If you already have a profile, we will guide you through the process to add us as a manager of your page. You may even have a profile already. If this is the case, we will need access to perform local SEO. We can at any given time provide you with access as a manger or communications manager. After a few days you can become the owner of the page. We will optimise all your business information such as texts, photos and NAP (Name, Address, Phone) and help you pick and match your categories for your business that is the most suitable. With matching categories, it means Google does not let you use any category you want, we will consult you with the most relevant SEO keywords (categories) for your business to give you the best leverage possible. Please see our page for more information

How to get your business on google, once your Google My Business profile is verified by the Google postcard, it does not always mean you will show up in the search results automatically. All SEO services will take time to get up and going and for Google to crawl through the information. Most SEO companies and SEO experts would let you know that upon signing up.

The next step is for us to work on your Citation Building which means that we will create mentions and citations that links to your profile. SEO is important to have links directing to your page that is considered a proven and reliable source. A report of the citations we have created, built or amended will be sent out to you to see and track the work we have done for your business.

Our Seo Expert Services

Our end goal here is we wish for you to be able to track and compare how much you have been gaining in return from start to current with our SEO consultant. We will provide you with a report that will display from when you started to where you are now so you can evaluate your ROI.

Tips for Google My Business SEO for GMB

One of the most important ranking factors is reviews. Included in our local SEO service for GMB, we will provide you with a White Label review handout that you can send to your clients. The review handout will easily explain how to write a review on your Google my business page via Google Maps on a smart phone. All reviews published will have an affect on the local SEO process of ranking. According to Google, there are more searches made on mobile phones than there is on computers and desktops. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your website is mobile optimised. Want to find out if your website is mobile optimised? Go to our mobile optimisation test (created by Google) to find out. It’s important to have a mobile optimised website as it will have an affect on any SEO service you’ll undertake since it’s a very strong signal to Google weather or not they should consider your business to be relevant in regards to that specific search. If your not mobile friendly, you need to act quickly and make sure that you will still be available on Google. GMB is perfect for potential customers using a smart phone.

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